GI 12 Piece Rifleman Kit NEW W/ Imported Bladder

Genuine Issue

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All components included are in NEW condition

12 Piece Rifleman Kit with Imported Bladder Includes:

1 GI Shovel Cover, ACU

1 GI 1 Qt Canteen Cover, ACU

1 Imported 3L Hydration Bladder, Foliage

1 GI 3 Liter Hydration Pack, ACU

1 GI 3-Day Assault Pack, ACU

1 GI MOLLE II Waist Pack, ACU

2 GI Triple Mag M4 Pouch, ACU

3 GI M4/M16, Double Magazine Pouch, ACU

1 GI FLC Vest w/o Attachments, ACU


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