6-Inch Israeli Emergency Dressing

Mcguire Gear

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The Israeli Emergency Bandage treats gunshot wounds, puncture wounds, deep cuts, and other traumatic hemorrhagic injuries

Designed for quick and easy application by professional and non-professional caregivers to provide effective, multi-functional treatment

The non-adherent pad eliminates the risk of causing pain and having the wound re-opened upon removal of the bandage

The pressure applicator creates the immediate direct pressure to the wound site

The closure bar enables closure and fixation of the Emergency Bandage at any point, on all parts of the body: no pins and clips, no tape, no velcro, no knots

Great for hospitals, medical centers and urgent health care providers

Must-have one in first aid kits, indoors, outdoors, home, work, ambulances, IFAK, earthquake kits, survival kits etc


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