Men's Authentic Wool Blend Peacoat

Sterlingwear of Boston

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Sterlingwear of Boston's Authentic Peacoat is readily recognized as the best reproduction of the wool peacoat once issued by the US Navy. A timeless wardrobe stable, this military-style peacoat has permeated the world of fashion for generations across the globe. At their core, they are the epitome of style and class. As is, they are warm, naturally moisture-wicking, and water-repellant. 

  • 80% Melton Wool, 20% Nylon (24 oz.)
  • Nylon Fleece/Acetate Satin Lining
  • 2 Interior pockets
  • Convertible collar
  • Double Breasted
  • 6-Button closure, each button with anchor design
  • 2 Under-collar buttons for 
  • Framed slash pockets
  • Two-piece vented back with tack
  • Crafted after the US Gov't spec of the US Navy model
  • Made in USA

 Intended to be worn for a lifetime, and then some, these coats are made of a 80% melton wool, 20% nylon blend. So they're not has heavy as the original 100% melton wool coats, but they retain that genuine look and quality regardless.